Vintage and Vamp are very pleased to present the Face of Vintage and Vamp 2017/18 is Miss Cherry Vixen.




New Face of Vintage & Vamp BLOG by
🍒 Miss Cherry Vixen 🍒

I’ve always had a great love of the 50’s era, Some of my favorite memories are of dancing with my Opa to rock n’ roll music in his lounge room as a little girl; which is something I will always treasure & try to do the same with my children.

Throughout my school years I was always into the performance style subjects. I sang in the school band, choir & also a separate band made up of friends. My favorite was singing songs from the 50s. I also did a lot of dancing & choreography. After high school life got hectic, with work & day to day craziness, so my performing took a back seat for a while.
I met my gorgeous hubby at high school & we welcomed our 2 amazing boys into the world (now 14yrs & 9 yrs old) & life only got more hectic with our sporting schedule! I did some pole dancing classes for fitness & fun whilst my fellas did footy and baseball & I also played winter baseball, & coached t-ball for 6years too.

I had major back surgery in 2011 which was unsuccessful, I was struggling to exercise due to pain & kept putting weight on, which caused a lack of confidence. I decided it was time to start dressing for me. I threw out all my ‘what everyone else wears’ clothes, kept my rockabilly basics & added more & more. I started turning up my records loudly & started to love life again! I watched many you tube videos on how to do hair and makeup properly, & practiced as often as possible until it became second nature.

I can honestly say that simply embracing my love of 50’s Rockabilly & vintage/modern Pinup has made me happier than I have ever been. Not only that but it makes other people happy too. I especially love walking into my Opa & Oma’s nursing home, it brings back a lot of memories for the elderly & to see that sparkle in their eyes & hear their happy stories from their past ….. it’s simply magical.

Over the last few years I began to do photoshoots & watched my confidence soar to new heights. Pinup has opened up a whole new world to me & my family. Going to more rockabilly events, participating in Pinup Comps, doing shoots & modelling for local Adelaide Companies, but best of all we have been blessed with many amazing new friends!
Pinup is extremely inclusive of everyone, no matter who you are, what you look like, how you sound, what size, shape or nationality you are. This has to be my favorite part of Pinup!

The very first comp I entered was an online one
AAPC Pinup Poser in 2016- I won 2 titles
– Miss online Amateur Pinup Poser 2016
– Miss Online Amateur Pinup Poser Crowd Favorite 2016
Recently I won Perfectly Pinned Up Miss July 2017
& now honored to win the New Face of Vintage & Vamp 2017/18
I’ve also been in 2 calendar’s for Pure Pinup in 2017

I am completely obsessed with the 50’s fashion. Elegant & edgy, don’t get me started on the accessories!!! Wow! Did those dolls & Greasers know how to look amazing! My one crazy addiction Is Erstwilder. To date I have 90 Ersty Pieces, mainly brooches but have some necklaces & earrings & also the entire Grease collection that they just released.

I cant wait to see what my Pinup future holds, but for now I shall love every moment, experience & friendships I have along the way. I encourage anyone out there that’s EVER thought about trying pinup or rockabilly to give it a go, you will love it!!!!

Love to you all & stay true to being the best you, that you can possibly be!

💝 Miss Cherry Vixen 🍒